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Weston, CT


From the multi-purpose Family/Media/Entertainment Room with a simple flat panel TV and surround processing, to the dedicated private theater with velvet curtains, projection video display, booty-shaking knock-your-socks-off  “it feels like you’re there” sound, and better than theater style seating, DAVCO has you covered.  Whether it’s LED, 3D, LCD, Plasma, projection or otherwise, it’s always HDTV at its finest with your partner in DAVCO.  Theaters add the “totally cool” factor to your home, while keeping loved ones under your roof and providing an experience your family and friends will remember. Home theaters can be designed to fit any style, from retro to ultra-contemporary. Whatever your style, we can create the feeling that moves you and stirs your soul, with all the comforts of home.  We love to hear your ideas.  Talk to us, we listen.  It is our mutual effort that will create your desired experience.

In your home theater, you can sit in ultra comfy movie chairs, eating your favorite movie snacks, while watching movies from your library or stream them from the vast and growing on-line resources.  On your command, when the lights dim, the curtains open, the sound envelopes you and the video comes to life, you will be transported to the experience of your selection, all within the space you’ve created in your own home.

With Crestron’s video library, it’s easy to view your collection and even find movie details. This is a really cool feature for a home theater, but it can work in any room of your house. (photos courtesy of Crestron)