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There is no getting around it; you need a network that performs.  Web and network traffic demands are growing exponentially.  Internet service providers (ISP’s) are scrambling to bring higher bandwidth and speed into your home.  Every day another product you never thought would have internet connectivity, ships with an Ethernet jack on it or a wireless antenna.

If your network cannot support these speeds and your family’s demands, it’s like putting a kink in your garden hose, while your prized landscaping starves for water.  Downloading and streaming media from services such as iTunes, Netflix, AppleTV, and Pandora, all place heavy demands on network bandwidth.  A wireless device with poor connectivity can bring down an entire network.

At Davco we work with Pakedge and Access Networks enterprise class networking equipment geared toward the AV industry and its demands. When your teenager screams for faster speed or your wireless device performs poorly, give us a ring.  We have heard your stories; we have a cure for your pain.  We provide solutions from the basic network upgrade, to simply providing every drop of bandwidth your ISP brings into your home, to full scale virtual cell wireless systems where you can walk from one end of your home to another streaming a YouTube video to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, with no loss of connection or stumble in performance.

Need remote monitoring of your home to see if that expensive generator you just purchased is doing what it was designed to do?  You need a solid network with proper setup to enable this functionality.  Let’s put our heads together to see how we can help you perform efficiently and be more productive by day and sleep well at night.

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